Ken Andrukow

Ken Andrukow is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built multi-million dollar businesses across several sectors. He has an uncanny knack at spotting industry pivots before they happen and bringing new businesses to market successfully. But money isn't the driving force behind his success.

The companies he has founded and helped grow span sectors that include graphic arts, motion picture on-location services, viniculture consolidation, ethnic food importation consolidation, and health and wellness for the masses – but this isn’t the beginning and end of his business acumen.

Through his health and wellness company, Ken has trained thousands of people, helping them to change and fulfil their lives and live more meaningfully.

Entrepreneurs who work with Ken Andrukow benefit from an entrepreneur whose values resonate with their own. They benefit from the dedicated attention of values-driven coaching and mentorship, Ken’s experiences of success and failure, and a refreshing honesty of approach that helps them develop across the 5 entrepreneurial freedoms – money, health, relationships, purpose and time.

In his personal and professional life, Ken has experienced all the highs and lows that you could imagine. He brings this to the table, unafraid to relate his own experiences to those his clients are undergoing as he brings clarity to difficult conversations that all entrepreneurs must have.

Today, Ken spends most of his time in the mountains of British Columbia, with his wife Crystal and his dog Billie.

Ken spends half of each week working. If he’s not contemplating the next major industry shift, you’ll likely find Ken mentoring founders and entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and scale their business while focusing on the 5 financial freedoms. He’s currently working on creating a major coaching business for entrepreneurs and developing a software business that allows remote teams to work together in real time.

And the other three and a half days of each week? Ken spends this devoted to making his wife’s dreams come true.